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Grocery stores inadvertently use standard fluorescent lighting in their food display cases which generate strong white or yellow spectrums. These color wavelengths emit high concentrations of UV radiation and raise the surface temperature of food, causing discoloration and food safety outbreaks.

Promolux Lights are designed to keep food fresh, nutritious and safe.

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Buying Low Radiation Balanced Spectrum Lighting Fluorescents

Grocery retailers have used regular fluorescents for years in their perishable display cases and while this lighting has provided strong ambient light, it has done so at the cost of color and food integrity.

The UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet radiation that is emitted from standard regular fluorescents damage perishable foods. Increased surface temperatures of food promotes premature spoilage and significantly raises the rate at which food discolors, loses moisture, flavour and its fresh appearance. Furthermore, it creates a liability to the retailer and poses a risk to the consumer as food safety is compromised.

Meeting the public demand for quality products is an arduous task. Supermarkets spend thousands, even millions of dollars, to ensure they provide their customers with the freshest products and varied selection available on the market today. Store personel spend countless hours merchandising and displaying these products in the most appealing manner. Yet, many stores incur the costly expense of lost product by not using a food designated light in the display cases that need it most - their perishable food display cases.

Meeting the demands in the marketplace

Meeting Sustainability Objectives in Perishable Food Departments

Meeting Sustainability

Switching to Promolux Balanced Spectrum Low Radiation lights in perishable food cases reinforce department managers and retailers sustainability objectives in a very cost beneficial manner.

Merchandising that Makes a Difference?

Merchandising that makes a difference

Effective Lighting: Merchandising that Makes a Difference. Chefs are fond of saying that diners "eat with their eyes," an expression that highlights the importance of appearance on the dinner plate.