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Grocery stores inadvertently use standard fluorescent lighting in their food display cases which generate strong white or yellow spectrums. These color wavelengths emit high concentrations of UV radiation and raise the surface temperature of food, causing discoloration and food safety outbreaks.

Promolux Lights are designed to keep food fresh, nutritious and safe.

About Us

Promolux lamps have been here for over a decade

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The food industry has seen them in supermarkets, bakeries, delis, coffee shops and restaurants to name a few. Over the last few years, retailers that sold cosmetics, flowers, leather and other retailers with head and color sensitive products have started using promolux lamps. There has also been requests for using

Promolux lamps for exciting applications such as medical and dental procedures, automotive shops and museums and others that require low radiation or the true color of the product.

To learn more about Promolux lamps and the different lighting applications, you can visit Promolux light applications here.

Mission Statement

PROMOLUX is committed to becoming the number one manufacturer of specialty commercial lighting products, and to continue to develop innovative technology that helps retailers and industries meet their lighting needs with simplicity and excellence.

Corporate Values

We uphold excellence with constant innovation and quality craftmanship. Excellent service by striving for the highest standard in customer service and anticipating the needs of the customer. Respect where we conduct business with integrity and treating our partners and staff with consideration.


We have a twenty plus record of excellence in North America and Europe and a solid reputation of being the trusted lighting source for thousands of retailers world wide. Please call us or contact us from the online form below for a list of references.