Does Better Fluorescent Lighting Increase Sales?

The quest for greater efficiency and cost reduction in many supermarket departments is encouraging most grocery stores to review their current lighting systems.

Image of deli case lighting

As the industry struggles to ascertain the real value of LED's and their application in the food retail market, many stores are simply focusing on being more effective with their current lighting systems.

This is ideal for many store owners who do not have the time, the money nor the interest to invest in researching the numerous LED products that have flooded the market. And with recent reports questioning the true savings, illumination and energy efficiency of LED T8 replacement tubes in place of fluorescent lamps, grocery chains are waiting for more concrete evidence before proceeding with expensive retrofit projects. Especially in fresh food cases, where presentation and shelf-life simply cannot be risked for possible energy savings.

Utilizing Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting Systems

Store employees left with the task of merchandising displays, enjoy the many opportunities and elements to strategically merchandise and highlight a display case. The real challenge is incorportaing all those elements in such a manner that the showcase is able to capture customers attention allowing the retailer to highlight a varied and tempting product mix available for purchase.

Image of deli case lightingA balanced-spectrum fluorescent light source is ideal for showcasing a products natural, vibrant colors.

Even better, the efficiency of fluorescent lights have improved significantly over the past few years. The use of elctronic ballasts have helped reduce power consumption and increase fluorescent lamp output.

With nominal lamp life reaching 20,000 hrs, T8, T5 and specialty fluorescents can be more cost-effective and energy efficient than LED's. While LED's may offer some uniques advantages in freezer cases, lab tests of LED's have noted high efficiency but in real world applications results are less than expected.

In addition,premium quality fluorescent lamps provide better color performance than most typical LED's that are available today. For independent markets and local grocers who count on their fresh product selection to differentitate them from competitor shops, color rendering and shelf life are two key points in the valuation of using fluorescent lamps.

With floral lighting, for example, it is better to use low UV radiation emitting lights to illuminate floral departments and shops. Florists realize the importance of sustaining freshness and color in a highly perishable item, especially for an item that relies heavily on the impulse buying habits of consumers.

Floral fluorescent lighting

One of the most common mistakes store designers make, is to use the same lighting in the floral department as the dry food and canned goods aisles. If instead of using overpowering and hot, high output lamps or poor quality fluorescents, a floral department were to use a low-radiation, balanced spectrum fluorescent, MR16 spotlight or PLL40 compact fluorescent (designed for a track lighting system), florists would enjoy more vibrant bouquets that maintain their freshness over longer periods of time. This means that the delicate bouquets will live longer, have greater shopper appeal and there will be considerably less waste and cut flowers to throw out at the end of the day.

Promolux is a low radiation light which filters over 85% of the harmful effects of radiation while providing all the benefits for full color merchandising, extended freshness and shelf-life.

A store's goal is to gain/retain the customers loyalty, especially if there is another shop down the street. Promolux lighting offers food retailers a way to do just that. Promolux lighting provides markets with the chance to boost sales and save money. Promolux provides better color rendering.

When it comes to lighting, it doesn't matter whether you shine it on a banana, grean leaf leatuce or pepper, if it gives off a dull appearance, your customers will notice...and remember.

Work Smart - Use Promolux

Promolux is the difference...Buy now and take all the credit for improved sales & profit retention.
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