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Grocery stores inadvertently use standard fluorescent lighting in their food display cases which generate strong white or yellow spectrums. These color wavelengths emit high concentrations of UV radiation and raise the surface temperature of food, causing discoloration and food safety outbreaks.

Promolux Lights are designed to keep food fresh, nutritious and safe.

Buying Fluorescent Lights for Superior Color & Freshness

If you could increase sales and cut down on end of the day waste/discard - would you? Promolux only manufacturers premium quality lighting. Sourcing rare earth phosphors which are formulated and then applied in multiple coatings produces the best visual color representation while drastically filtering ourt over 86% of harmful light radiation (heat & light).

Promolux lamps are the original and only reduced radiation lamp safe for food and perishable applications.

Meat lights for display case

The objective of lighting for fresh food display cases is to illuminate the case and showcase the natural colors of the items while safeguarding freshness and integrity.

Brilliant displays with unparalleled color and exceptional freshness succeed in "WOWING" shoppers and illiciting impulse purchases.

Eye Appeal is Buy Appeal. And Promolux is the Power Behind Buy!

If you are looking to buy fluorescent lighting, buy meat lights for your meat display cases, buy food lights for perishable departments like produce, or just want to buy low uv/low radiation light then Promolux is the right lighting for you!

Whether you are buying lights for a grocery store or buying food case lights for re-skinning or refurbishing display cases, or simply want to buy the best display case lights for your equipment then Promolux is the only light you need.

What Our Customers are Saying:

WE love hearing from each and every one of our customers. Every customer who uses Promolux, does so for a variety of reasons. And each individuals experience is as unique and personal as their store.

"My customers demand quality cuts of meat, I give them that. I demand quality product and fast turnover for profit. Promolux gives me that."
Raj S. - New Delhi

"Our company specializes in cakes and fancy desserts and before using Promolux we noticed that the icing was going hard and losing its color. I invest so much time in my creations - it was horrible to throw out the finished product at the end of the day simply because it wasn't perfect. Promolux kept the icings moist and the colors bright and for me it means everything."

"Promolux mejoró la presentación en frutas, vegetales y carnes; y lo más importante, redujo significativamente las mermas."

"Promolux improves the presentation of fruits, vegetables and meat; and more important, significantly reduces the shrinkage."
Richard Diaz Burgo - Owner
Centro Ahorro

"The light emitted from your Promolux bulbs is very appealing and makes our dairy product display case very attractive for our customers. We continue to receive positive customer feedback from our customers. I recommend Promolux bulbs to food companies that provide dairy products in their display cases."
Thomas Palchak
Penn State Berkey Creamery

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Meeting Sustainability Objectives in Perishable Food Departments

Meeting Sustainability

Switching to Promolux Balanced Spectrum Low Radiation lights in perishable food cases reinforce department managers and retailers sustainability objectives in a very cost beneficial manner..

Merchandising that Makes a Difference?

Merchandising that makes a difference

Effective Lighting: Merchandising that Makes a Difference. Chefs are fond of saying that diners "eat with their eyes," an expression that highlights the importance of appearance on the dinner plate.