Regular Fluorescent Lighting Reduces Shelf Life

Merchandising perishable display cases requires balancing color & presentation against shelf life & freshness. The true art form of creating focal points that capture shoppers attention involves a combination of integrating subtle ambient lighting with direct light sources that provide true color rendering and protect product freshness and integrity.

Supermarket display case lighting

For smaller independent grocery stores and markets, the opportunity to set oneself apart canmean the difference of staying in business with a loyal customer base to losing economic strength and market share which for many can be quite crippling.

Customer service, product selection and pricing are just a few of the more dominant factors used for customer retention. Color is one factor in perceived freshness, moisture content is another, as is the packaged code date. Even if the packaged date highlights a foods shelf life, if the customer sees a variation in color or perceives the freshness to be of poorer quality they will make their selection elsewhere.

With product selection, its one thing to have a varied product mix however, if customers perceive grocery items as unappetizing or unsafe, the result is lost sales and revenue.

In perishable departments like meat, seafood, deli and bakery where lighting jhas a greater impact on the color, freshness, food safety and nutritional integrity of items, it is of greater value to the retailer or department manager to implement low radiation lighting in their display cases.

"I love the product and there is nothing I can get my hands on in terms of what Promolux provides. I'm using Promolux in both my meat and seafood service cases and the biggest difference we notice is the bright color it gives the product in the cases."

Scott Day - Store Manager
Yokes Fresh Market

Supermarket meat display case lighting

Retailer Case Study:

Recentlay, a supermarket chain tested Promolux in their meat cases. The Store Manager reported improved presentation and freshness and improved daily shrink volume.

BEFORE Promolux, they had 55lbs of daily shrink,
AFTER Promolux they only had 12lbs (a savings of 43lbs a day or a reduction of 78%).

The payback period for buying Promolux fluorescent lights was just 29 days!

These results prompted the Maintenance Manager to install Promolux in all the meat, fish, deli, pastry and floral cases in their stores.

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