Food Display Case Merchandising - Lighting Applications

Thieves Hit Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

To a business the words shrinkage, waste, loss, spoilage, (etc.) all mean one thing: costs.

Many times retailers think of theft when we talk shrinkage and loss; but what about the equipment that steals a portion of the profits?

In today's economy, it is more important than ever for businesses to protect their margin, retain market share and make as much profit to sustain the business. As we all know, operating on razor-thin profit margins can be a challenge. Sometimes a simple change can mean so much to a small business and have such a profound impact, that one can't help wonder why they didn't do it sooner!

One of the biggest theives in the grocery industry is lighting. Inefficent and inappropriate light sources reak havoc in many departments and display cases. Store lighting design is very important to the atmosphere and ambience of a store and it's ability to direct and focus the attention of the shoppers. Traditional fluorescent and high output metal halide lights release high levels of ultra violet and infra-red radiation. This leads to chemical changes in foods which is indicative by the loss of moisture, the discoloration (fading, browning or change in pigment) and changes to flavour and smell. As both surface and internal temperatures rise, the “cooking” of the product creates a food safety risk and breeds bacteria and pathogen growth.

Fluorescents are a Powerful Merchandising Tool

Fluorescent lights are widely used and still considered ideal for food retail display cases. So how does a business that uses fluorescent lighting ensure that their perishable items remain fresh and free from damage? The answer is simple: They use Promolux balanced spectrum, low radiation lighting.

Numbers do not lie. For over two decades Promolux Lighting International has helped retailers extend shelf life and protect product freshness and integrity with a sustainable light that eliminates visible and non-visible radiation by 86%. Thanks to Promolux's proprietary formula and strict quality engineering - its unique ability to extend shelf life have proven to retailers that perishables can last much longer than they would under traditional bulbs.

Grocery stores are not the only businesses that benefit from this amazing lamp. Whether your business is a national chain or a hometown favorite, Promolux is the light for retaining profit.

Meat markets and butcher shops profit from using Promolux lights in their meat display cases. Their experience resonates with meat shops all around the world...Promolux provides the highest color rendering while upholding the meats freshness, moisture content and natural flavour. Florists are able to keep boquets of flowers longer and fresher with minimal drying and wilting. This supports their efforts to sell more and reduce less waste. Delicatessens, coffee shops, bakeries, convenience stores, restaurants, and buffets all benefit from installing Promolux in their food cases. The visual appeal and sustained freshness of meats, dairy products, sandwiches, salads, and fruits boosts sales and cuts down on discarded or discounted items. Hospitals and schools utilize Promolux to ensure the food they serve their patients and staff is of the utmost quality and nutritional integrity. And because of stringent operating conditions and tight budgets, any reduction of spoiled food means greater cost savings.

In addition, museums are able to protect valuable and irreplaceable items on display by using Promolux balanced spectrum, low radiation lights. Medical and dental offices rely on Promolux to illuminate the tinest of imperfections in the skin; a early diagnosis which can mean all the difference to a patient. Regardless of the application and field, Promolux is a premium quality light source that promotes a healthy spectrum of light and color with drastically reduced damaging effects.

Display case manufacturers and refrigeration service contractors choose Promolux in part because of the value it adds to the display case or refrigeration units. Food equipment dealers and lighting specialists also offer their customers Promolux because they know their customers are looking for every advantage and sustainable product that solidifies their placement in the industry. Store designers and architects can offer the very best in lighting Promolux is a cost-effective merchandising tool that appeals to food safety and sales power.

Promolux is known around the world they have developed an extensive network distribution system that ensures Promolux is accessible for anyone searching for it. In their goal of improving customer service, they offer a variety of ways to communicate with them which include:

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