Meeting Sustainability Objectives in Perishable Food Departments

Switching to Promolux Balanced Spectrum Low Radiation lights in perishable food cases reinforces department managers and retailers sustainability objectives in a very cost beneficial manner.

By design, the rare earth multi-phosphors and balanced spectrum of Promolux lights enriches the visual allure of any grocery case. In successfully portraying foods true colors, shoppers are more at ease with the presentation and sales process as a whole. Customers lament the presentation of an item only to find that it looks considerably different once removed from the case. This is when they begin to question the freshness and quality of the item and for grocers; this is the last thing you want to introduce to the sales cycle.

To retain and boost customer loyalty, a store must instill confidence with their client base not once but throughout the entire process.

Discounting Practices Cost Retailers Thousands of Dollars

A strategic part of improving sales is more than just the presentation of products in the most natural of light; it is the commitment to delivering the freshest and most appetizing of items. For retailers who work with perishable merchandise, the challenge is to display perishable foods, to entice the shopper to make a purchase before the item spoils or must be offered at a discounted rate.

The addition of one hour, two hours or even a day or two can mean hundreds, even thousands of dollars annually for a department. In filtering out over 86% of damaging radiation (heat & light), Promolux assures value added shelf life, product freshness and integrity.

Derived from the science of food and lighting, Promolux is a light manufactured specifically for food applications. Promolux's technology and advancement of food merchandising and food safety has endured Promolux as a brand name in the global food retail industry.

Analyzing the True Cost of Ownership

Promolux is not a "regular" household light. It is a brand name, premium quality light designed especially for the food retail trade. It is a merchandising component for display cases and for retailers looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And for those individuals who refuse to accept anything less than top quality.

When Promolux conserves one or two items a day, the annual savings is considerable! Promolux often pays for itself within 90 days (for some grocer shops it's much faster), reclaiming the store owner hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for the remaining lifetime of the lamp (20,000 hrs).

Retailers naturally incur product shrinkage and discard on a daily basis - the questions is how much in terms of volume is acceptable and what is the true value of extending product shelf life?

In departments where the price (in terms of the commodity and labour required to bring it to market and maintain the display) are quite high (particularly meat, seafood, deli and floral departments) the value of installing Promolux is substantial. And when you factor in the true color rendering Promolux delivers and see first-hand the freshness & appearance of every item, it is easy to see why Promolux is the preferred light source for display cases among leading retailers.