Merchandising that Makes a Difference

Effective Lighting:Merchandising for Impact & Sales. Chefs are fond of saying that diners "eat with their eyes," an expression that highlights the importance of appearance on the dinner plate. Appetizing food is beautiful food. That saying is just as true of foods in display cases. The best marketing for displayed food is the food's own luscious and appetizing appearance.

Proper Lighting is the key to an appetizing and merchandising displayProper lighting is key to an appetizing display. Anyone who has worked in an office knows that typical fluorescent lights come off quite harsh - either they are too bright or just the opposite too dull. They wash away healthy skin tones and make the office appear drab and gloom. Conventional fluorescent lighting tends toward an unflattering yellowish or greenish cast. The same lighting is just as unkind to golden baked goods, robust red meats, or an assortment of ripe vegetables and fruits, yet display cases often contain standard office-style fluorescent lighting. Some cases even use tinted fluorescent lighting to impart an artificial rosy glow to meats or golden glaze to baked goods, but the deception is not lost on the customer. In many countires it is recognized as an illegal practice as it involves mis-representing the actual items on display.

Finding the Natural, Organic Light Source

Consider how delicious food looks in an open-air market, especially on a sunny day. Sunlight is balanced; it doesn't have a color cast and instead showcases the true colors within objects it illuminates. Promolux lighting uses a balanced spectrum coating process that brings this full-spectrum light into display cases. Unlike standard fluorescent lighting, balanced-spectrum lighting reveals the natural colors of food. Because the coating process showcases natural color instead of attempting to conceal cool fluorescent light with an artificial tint, the Promolux Platinum color brand beautifies steaks or cupcakes with equal ease.

Natural sunlight is balanced light, but it isn't the most practical illumination, especially in Effective Merchandise Lightingrefrigerated cases. Heat and ultraviolet light are anathema to food freshness. Delicate baked goods crack and lose their lustre, meat begins to look dry and discolored, and vegetables wilt under overly strong lighting. Merchandising a display case takes talent and a specific flair for accentuating key focal points or items. Integrating light sources into the mixture is a good start, however to perfect a display case for maximum customer appeal the best light source is a balanced spectrum, low radiation light. If the display starts to look limp or stale, no amount of marketing will entice customers to buy but when a display case looks bright and colorful and the freshness of the items stand out, shoppers walking by can't help but stop and make a selection.

Learn Why Grocery Retailers Buy & Merchandise with Promolux Fluorescents

Promolux lighting is more than just a balanced spectrum light, it is a low radiaiton light that keeps temperatures within the case cooler than conventional lighting. Promolux's proprietary balanced-spectrum coating includes a filter that limits food's exposure to the ultraviolet rays that cause it to spoil prematurely. Food in display cases featuring Promolux lights are fresher, and stay fresher longer.

Customers, like restaurant diners, "eat with their eyes" first; in many markets, their eyes are their best guide in selecting quality items. When food is tucked away behind a glass barrier, its appearance becomes the paramount selling point and must be viewable through the medium. Using the right lighting to highlight the quality of displayed food and to keep that food fresh for a longer period of time is key to effective merchandising, boosting sales, retaining loyal customers and making the most for profit margins.